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Banghazi hearings

while there are undoubtedly more important constitutional and national security matters, Americans are suckers for sex scandals. Ken n' Newt proved that when they spent 5 years chasing Clinton scandals and in the end could at least come up with a sex thing.

There is already a matter of felony campaign fraud linked back to the POTUS and indisputable- you could run ads all day and not have any risk whatsoever. You could have hearings and subpoena the gals and a couple dozen more who have made allegations of some form of sexual assault. Might be able to sniff around the rumored- and almost certainly true- large numbers of matters covered by NDAs.

Most of the Trump men I know would be unfazed- they say, hey, wouldn't you if you could? Might be a few "Christians" moved, but not a lot. If there was political advantage it would be in turning out women and Dems and maybe at the "center" with folks who are just sick of the downright sleaziness of all this.

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Re: Banghazi hearings

I’ve been noticing an erosion here at AF of gooboy and even  Kurt and Sammy favoring us with the products of the John Solomon’s and Tyler Durdens etal of the world.

I can’t decide if it’s a sign of losing confidence or of just sitting tight, knowing that something big is about to blow.

In another thread there is mention of failing mainstream media. No more serious virtually unreported or commented upon story in months than that of channels having been set up to short circuit the delivery of information between the Chief Executive’s Private Attorney and the U. S. Citizenry’s Attorney General. Are you theorists privy to that and just waiting for the bombs to drop?  Rudes says he’s got the goods that justify everything that’s ever happened and they will hit the bricks within the next week or so.

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Re: Banghazi hearings

although I do think that Biden is toast anyway, and not primarily because of the attacks. Might hang in tough and long enough to be a kingmaker for a "moderate" though.

And I'm not sure who will be swayed should the Putin version of 2016 be "confirmed" or if there are some show trials. Nobody who doesn't actively wish to believe believes any of this anyway.

While the bar to this seems impossibly high, might even find the shark jumping point. At the margin, mind you.

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Re: Banghazi hearings

As far as Dennison's business record goes, probably only effective at the 30,000 ft. level. The notion of how the Casino strip out operations and such there's a wee bit of complexity and Joe the Plumber still reigns. He Rich, Me White Man, Should Be Rich.

Or take it down to the micro level- feature victims of Trump U or small businesses that were ruined by doing business with the Trump Org.