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Bannon = Goebbels

i'm not happy writting this post.....matter of fact, the subject of the post does make me fearful.....

today, the New York Times had a page 1 strip story...."Bannon says news media should keep its mouth shut"


my fellow americans..........think about that statement for a while.........


the news media should keep its mouth shut.......


constitution of the united states of america


amendment I  (the first thing written)


congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedome of speech

or the press, or the right of he people peacably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievences.


i'm sorry, this isn't "fake news", nor "alternative facts".


this person is the presidents advisor ???

he also, is one of the people trump is against...he pulled a fast one on the voting !!


people please........wake up......if not for yourself or your children or grandchildren........but out of the respect of the millions of people

that have died, protecting these rights.......


i thought i would never see such stuff comming out like this.......some think it's funny.......i'm not smiling......and all of those who died

fighting for their country......can not smile........


this is very very serious


frankly, he should be fired for such a comment

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Re: Bannon = Goebbels



And to think we narrowly avoided Hillary and her dreaded emails !!!


Thanks Ughmerica!!

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Re: Bannon = Goebbels

Be advised, they are watching you very closely. They have your ISP, they know your cell phone's "ping", and whom you associate with.  Get your Will and Last Testament in order, quickly, in case that you might find yourself spirited away in the middle of the night. 



Senior Contributor

Re: Bannon = Goebbels

Yes Craigo, very amusing of you! You of all people always posting ***** about the commies, comrades, and traitors, have just found out, it is YOUR DAMNED PARTY, AS I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU!!