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Bannon was the secret sauce

BTW, kind of a tough week for Steve. The Italian socialists are trying to evict his Church Militant Nazi Academy from their monastery. Funny how things you thought had gone away never really do.

And WH visitor logs show that pedophile child trafficker George Nader visited Bannon 13 times during his short tenure in the WH. 

Anyway, Steve was spot on about the strategy that "the regular guy" is getting shafted by (name it). There was some validity to build that on but he was able to lasso folks far beyond the direct victims. Pore coal miners, for instance, whose forefathers were staunch socialist laborites but have since been screwed every which way by 'capitalism." But I'll break the code for you- they are all white and since they talk like your favorite Nashville star, are Real Americans fer sure.

Coal is dying anyway. Manufacturing and agriculture are struggling but Bannon cleverly got The Base locked in with a bait and switch on all the simmering culture war grievances.

At any rate, another bait and switch is all the usual suspects going all in about the horrors of "communism."

I'd suggest you should look askance at social revolutionaries of all stripes.

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Re: Bannon was the secret sauce

I'd guess that other than being a racist, misogynist con man, Trump really isn't a social revolutionary.

He just got himself in way over his head and has a tiger by the tail.