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Honored Advisor

Re: Barack Truman

Obama compared to Truman?  Smiley Very Happy   The blogger may have better luck comparing Obama to Carter.


Look under Truman WWII ended, the national debt was 200 billion about 116% of Truman "added" $60 billion to the debt however Debt to GDP was 70% when he left office and previous presidents were left a GROWING GDP. 



Obama has added more debt by far than anyother president, when he leaves office, Obama will have doubled the national debt and left the country MORE divided and worse off than when he tookover.


BTW today the Nat debt to GDP is 104% on the way to 116%.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Barack Truman

Barack Obama, or whatever non de plume he morphs to, could be a revered figure in 20 years on this continent, but if he is , it will be because his revolution has succeeded and what was the USA has become Venezula. Our Hugo Chavez will either be incarcerated across the hall from Noriega as a rebel rouser, or he will be leading his revolution still, and  an iconic figure to many of the starving masses in what used to be a prosperous nation. If I had a crystal ball, it would make decisions a whole lot easier. I would not bet either way right now.

Honored Advisor

Re: Barack Truman

If history looks back at Obama as other than a failed presidency, that begs a few questions: Would we want to live in a future that will be so corrupt and ignorant?   After a Obama presidency, will there be a written word and the luxury of rehashing the past?


The demographic change has occured on the national stage to the point that we may never elect a Republican president again.  There may only be hold out pockets of enough decent people that can obstruct liberalism through those they send to congress, albeit temporarily.  The presidents in the future will basically be emperors with executive orders, which is the roundabout way of saying "dictator".