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Senior Advisor

Barbara Bush

What a classy lady. May Almighty God grant her enteral peace and happiness.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Barbara Bush

Barbara had a keen wit about her and no doubt was the brains of the Bush Sr/ Barbara union.


I bet she even laughed herself at the joke about which woman in American had the biggest boobs, and the punch line was Barbara Bush....George and Neil.


Now with Jeb no longer being touted as the cerebral one, the joke probably doesn't work as well anymore.


Rest in peace, Classy Barbara.

Senior Contributor

Re: Barbara Bush

Yeah I always liked her, but something seems strange. It is reported that SHE requested the 700 cadets line the driveway as the funeral procession entered the Library grounds for her burial. Less than two minutes later the reporter said she never wanted a fuss made over her funeral. I would call asking 700 young men to give up there Saturday a fuss. That’s equal to two years of one persons life. Just sayin