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Veteran Advisor

Re: Barr

Ever hear of hate crimes ?

Honored Advisor

Re: Barr

So ElCheapo, the only way someone can be a "racist" is if they ever committed a hate crime?   Whew!  then I`m not a racist.


I`m always interested in others definition of "racism" a lot of people use the term and call everyone else the word while vehemently denying being a racist themselves.  It`s always the other guy that`s a racist.   Some people say that if you are white, you are automatically a racist, I find that funny, the inverse being that black people are incapable of being racist....hmmm "beat whitey night at the Iowa State Fair", wonder how that squares their circle?


And what`s considered "racist" changes over the years, in 1978 if you worked and laughed with a black guy, you got all kinds of liberal brownie points for being so tolerant, that`s all it took.   Then in the 1990`s if you tolerated blacks and whites dancing together on Dancing With The Stars, you were a great tolerant liberal.   Then in the 2000`s if your daughter went to the prom with a negro date and you were okay with it, you were not a racist.   Fast forward to today, you have to vote Democrat, support kneeling at the National Anthem and go on internet forums and bash Trump or you are a flaming racist!


So, I don`t know anymore.  


signed the last Archie Bunker.   Smiley Happy

Senior Advisor

Re: Barr

Hate that where if a white assaults a black it is because of hate but if a black assaults a white it is justice?

Senior Contributor

Re: Barr

Like descrimination a crime may be a manifestation of racism but racism is not a crime. Keep talking. Your simple minded shallow thoughts are more evident the more you say