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Basement Biden and Trump Debates

40 yrs of running for president with nothing of substance to show for those years, except plagiarism , being pompous, and lying.

Biden probably is the weakest progressive candidate of my lifetime.

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Re: Basement Biden and Trump Debates

Like I've said before I think democrats will try to find a way out of having debates.  They'll say Trumps will be mean to Joe or something like that.  Maybe its past Joe's bed time.  Maybe Jill will sit in for Joe.

I want to see the look on Joe's face when Trump asks him what Hunter brought to the table that convinced Barisma to put him on the board.  Other than cocaine I mean.  Biden will disintegrate.   Biden is used to being fawned over by the press, he reacts poorly when confronted.  Remember him screaming at the guy in the assembly plant "I don't work for you!!".   Trump has been under a non-stop assault since he was elected.  Watch some of the press conferences.  The barrage is endless.  Nothing Joe will bring will phase him.