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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Batman and Bain Capital

When I watched Batman RIses, with the lovely Mrs. Steele, last summer, I was struck with some of the political statements that were being made in the movie. Stuff about the 1%, etc. Obviously not unintentional in a presidential year.


I wonder how many associate Bain Capital, the vulture capitalist business of Mitt Romney, with Bane, the villian in the movie? And what kind of moron picks a name like Bain, with its phonetic sound a like negative conotations, anyways?

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Senior Advisor

Re: Batman and Bain Capital

Wonder how many teacher's retirements are being finaced from money invested in bane capitol.


Re: Batman and Bain Capital

But of course.


How would a REpublican ever lose but for the prevarications of the liberal media and the hollywood elite.


And election fraud, and the evil politics of envy that low intelligence breeds.