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Bayh vs Young, yuck

Polling is still pretty sparse on the IN senate race but what's out there shows Bayh winning.


It is like when Dan Coates turned tail and ran when Bayh challenged him in '98. Coates ran off the Washington to pull down some big lobbyist bucks, then slipped back in when Bayh vacatated for essentially the same reason.


Bayn apparently did his cashing in on corporate boards.


I was a fairly solid R back in '98 but vowed I wouldn't vote for Coates for county coroner or anything else ever again. Same for Bayh.


And I won't just leave it open, I'll vote for Young.


If this works it'll be a pretty big deal for D's- flipping an unexpected seat. I wonder what they promised Baron Hill to get him to drop out? Something, and it really isn't hard- I can either lose my last election or I can be ?????