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Becoming a you tube addict

Music music music. Todays session involved a few tunes from Slim Whitman., Remember him you seasoned folks? Then about an hour of Phantom of the opera. WOW !


How's that for being diversified? 

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Re: I Know What You Mean!

I know what you are talking about.... on a rainy morning, I could shoot the whole day away looking at YouTube stuff.  I am into looking at the "Learn How to Speak ______" videos.

Lately, I am into listening to podcasts that I load up my iPod Touch with.... about 16 hours worth per week.  News from Ireland, Jan Mickelson and Deace on WHO radio, various new and public affairs broadcasts that are on podcasts.

The cool part of the iPod, is that I can take it with me while I check fence or stack hay. Multi-tasking is what my wife calls it.

Sometime when you are on a YouTube streak..... look at some of the old TV shows that are on there..... The old Lucy Shows, Laugh-In, .... tons of old TV gems.


Re: I Know What You Mean!

Hey you two...not sure if either of you at your age or circumsances has ever been a Bono/U2 fan but the Irishman (then maybe you are Craig?) and the previous occupant worked togtether on some humanitarian efforts.


Anyhow, as for youtube, I'd not seen this one.


W covers Bono:

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Re: I Know What You Mean!

I am more of a fan of Irish Traditional music, especially that which is sung in the original Irish language in the Sean-Nós (Old Style).

I hope that you get to see Máirtin De Cógain do a show sometime.  His girlfriend is a doctor and I think must be at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and he is doing shows all around the Twin Cities.

He is a "mad west Cork lad" and a fantastic story teller.  Fantastic bodhrán player as well.  He will probably be at the Irish Fest in St. Paul in August.

Hey, did you get the private message that I sent to ya the other day?


Re: I Know What You Mean!

Haven't checked that account. I'll do that.


Are you familiar with Black 47?