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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Been Thinking

425Cat Senior Contributor
Mar 9
Well I wouldnt think so, however if you study Hitler a bit you will learn he wasnt considered a tryant early on. Now dont accuse me of insinuating anything about the current white house occupant.

When more and more people accept the salvation of almighty government then they are willing to accept just about any type of leader who will give them such.

You speak of the reliance of the unemployed on government funds as a conspiracy. What do you think they are to live on? Fresh air?

It is not about paying them for votes as you are suggesting. It is what a responsible potus does for the whole of the nations citizens. What you are implying is absurd. For some reason all you righties continue to argue about this evil conspiracy evolving in the WH. It is not happening and never will not under a democracy, if that is what you call America.

The fact is, having a democrat black president does not sit well with those one here who are the most fundamental about American politics. It is extremely deep and most difficult that such thing should happen on their watch. It shows every day.

It is not about racism either. But if anyone with a smell of intelligence can't see how it is engrained in their DNA to not accept this guy is either blind or dead.

I will still not believe you original comments were innocent other than to garner support but you are a bit late. They show the same in patriotic disrespect every day. That also is in their DNA.

Re: Been Thinking

Didn't the hosts here ask you to clean up your act?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Been Thinking

425, Hitler NEVER was a tyrant except to the Jews, gays, and political enemies and countries he conquered and he was a tyrant to those as soon as he got the power to do it which was in the 30s!!

Re: Been Thinking


Its not about racism as much as you seem to think. Its not about his color, its about his policies that I and many others dislike. He's the most far left president we have

had since Widrow Wilson. He has a dislike for the structure of this country, that's why he's trying to transform it. Where's the jobs ??? This guy has no clue how to run a business let alone this country. Now he wants to raise minimum wages for salaried workers. Guess what ?? no more salaried full time workers. His stategy for this country is right out of Cloward Pivens handbook. Quit screaming racism everytime someone criticizes him. Lot of nonwhites are becoming critical of this president

Re: Been Thinking

Gough You don't even know what color I am. You are assuming by my posts that I am a rightly whitey. Isnt that being a little judgemental and racists in itself.???