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Senior Advisor

Re: Case in point, extraordinaire

@bruce MN wrote:

Not sure what you are trying to say there 30.  Looks to me that your response if based on beign semi-informed, as you often are by simply reading headlines and snips and not entire contextual material


The "cyprus option".????? Are you trying to say that any policy that is being considered for Cyprus has come out of Cyprus?  Policy that is being proposed there is the result of a set of edicts handed down by the Germans, French and Dutch and there rest of the EU/ECB major powers.  There have been no decisions or official responses to come out of the parlimentary bodies or executive leadership in Cyprus.  Except, of course, for the temporary closing of banks.


I would doubt that is what you meant.

You have Boehner on your side. There will be no cuts. All there is a need for is more money. Don't worry, they won't take from your account, only from the accounts of others. Krugman is right.

bruce MN

Re: Case in point, extraordinaire

I agree with you completely on the primacy of  your assertion Sam.  We simply see the possible outcomes of policy and the nature of money as it exists today (meta dominates and drives) differently.  I don't trust how it is allowed to be created out of thin air in an unbridled environment by soulless players using algorithms and privileged faux authority, therefore don't hold much stock in letting those who don't care about you or me stay at that.


You seem to think the "system will work" if only some arbitrary moral, yet mysteriously abstract, standard were to be applied and observed.


How's that "observed" part of it going to work?  Or been working?