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Benghazi blowback

someone wrote a speech for Trump where he promised to use all US power- soft and otherwise, to bear in AFG.


Word is that the increased military presence is out and about but State Dept., USAID other civilians of the soft power arm are mostly confined to the Green Zone.


That's because everyone is terrified of the politics of another Benghazi.


If we're going to make any inroads there the non-military actors are going to have to be part of the mix, and somebody is likely to get killed. That has always been true for State Dept. people serving in war zones- and other semi and hostile environments.

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Re: Benghazi blowback

Another Benghazi is unacceptable politics or not.  There is no need to put State Dept people deliberately in harms way.  If things are that tense, pull them out and let the Swedes or Swiss represent our interests.


Re: Benghazi blowback

Well, so far we're 0-3 on killing our way out of civil war counterinsurgency situations- you'd think that might sink in sometime.


I'm not sure what the prospects are but there are going to have to be some civilians in harms way in order for there to be a chance of success.


Blowing Benghazi up as the greatest affront ever to the Good People by an order of 10 is a problem.


All we're doing now is playing not to lose, but it is a feature, not a bug. It keeps the Good People Supporting Our Troops. We need a few casualties to keep reminding them of their sacrifices, but not too many.


Another half $T or so flushed down the crapper, but also a feature. A lot of that moolah goes to Good People who will recycle some of it back to pols.


BTW, it costs $3M to deploy one soldier to AFG for a year. The soldier gets abouit 2% of that, on average.