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Bernie Sanders Running For President?

One of the leading Iowa blogs that I read every day from the opposition , Bleeding Heartland , is floating the possibility of self-professed Socialist Bernie Sanders, running for President in 2016. He gave a speech in Clinton County Iowa a few days ago. He seems to be better liked than Hillary Clinton. Read this, and especially read the comment at the bottom:

I am ALWAYS on top of what the other side is up to.
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Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

Hey Craig, is it possible that Sanders is "running block" for Elizabeth Warren?  To make her not seem so crazy left.   The liberal BiL showed up this week with his "I`m ready for Hillary!" bumpersticker, I teased him about I thought he`d be for Warren...."oh, she had been a Republican out in Oklahoma before she became a Democrat!"...I don`t think BiL is a typical Dem, but if Warren is painted as a "moderate Dem", she`d maybe stand a chance especially against a "Jeb Christie".


Hillary will have to be more forthcoming with her medical records than 0bama has with his college transcripts and birth certificate, if she`ll stand a snowball`s chance. 

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Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?


Looks like the Teapees finally found a womens helath issue they actually care about.

Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

I truly hope that Sanders runs as an Independent. He'd be much more effective in splitting the Leftist vote than Nader ever did.

I am waiting to see who CPUSA ( communist party USA ) gets behind for president in '16.

Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

What difference would Sanders or Warren as President make anyway?


History moves slowly and then quickly. Best case scenario for the outside chance of recaptuting our republic might be for a Sanders to get nominated and then slaughtered in a Goldwater/McGovern fashion.


But a clear dichotomy of philosphy would be seeded for the first time in a couple generations and when the following 4 years are horrible (they will be), the game would be ripe for change.


And 6 years further down the road, most of the Fox remnant will either be in the urn or the home and the field will be clear for a couple of generations that want nothing of their world.



gough whitlam
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Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

Hilary does not have to produce her medical records because Rove casts a shadow over her mental state. Then you like flies to a dead sheep go along for ride and exude the same stink as your Fox mentors. The same as Obama birth certificate. When finally voluntarily produced it you all slid back into your burrows with embarrassment after he was proven to be, wait for it, AN AMERICAN. who would have thought it??????

Craig sits on the edge of his chair shaking in his boots waiting for the communists to name their candidate. I have some inside information for you comrade. It is not the GOP. Shout that from the rooftops and you will be seen like a political genius, you dumb pr ick. And even when their intentions are revealed, what difference will it make to how you vote? Surely you are not stupid enough to embark on a one man campaign to suppress those evil commies!!! What a joke.

Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

Why do you run from the Communist brand? Crikey, Colin, embrace it! It is everything that you seek, want and desire!

It is time to come out of the closet, Comrade.

Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

The point is to divide the non-GOP vote. I am not afraid of Sanders or Warren running, I long for them to run!
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Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

Well, let's just put your hopeful little imagination to rest, Craigo! Bernie will run on the Democratic ticket, through the debates, for one reason, and one reason only, to get his ideas on the ticket. You will still have Hiliary to beat, and you can't!! LOL!! Your party is screwed, for another decade.

Re: Bernie Sanders Running For President?

At least you do a better job of embracing the Communist brand than Colin does. You have just admitted that a professed Socialist belongs on the democratic ticket. Keep talking Dale, keep talking. 🙂