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Bernie for VP


Yes, I think it can happen.


I'm not alarmed by Trump's bump in the polls and expect it to get bigger as he pivots to take in all the emotional GOP base entities- the Guns n' Ammo Corp, anti-AGW and the Christianist Entreprenuerial Assn. He's the most unencumbered politican yet as he doesn't believe in anything other than The Donald.


But I think a considerable panic will descend upon the Dems and the urgency of Anybody But Trump will be the rallying cry.


The demographics of that combination are pretty compelling. On the Republican side, the three wedge issue groups that I named have a great deal of overlap. Once again, the folks under the tent may be triple energized but there aren't a lot of new ones.


The new ones would be low ed status white people, who may turn out at higher than in the past. Clinton needs a high turnout from young voters. An historic hispanic turnout is likely a given.

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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Commies 4 Çlinton?

hardnox wrote:


Yes, I think it can happen.




Give it up. America is pushing the "reset" button.  Her biggest worry, truthfully, is the Attorney General under President Trump persuing justice. 

BA Deere
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Re: Bernie for VP

I`ll just give my assessment of the state of the Democrat party, I don`t know any of this for sure, just what it appears to me.  Okay Hillary Clinton was a big mistake and you guys can`t unring that bell, I honestly talk to diehard Dems that hate her...they won`t vote for Trump but they hate Hillary.   Then we have Bernie, okay if you don`t have a pot to pi$$ in, Bernie is very appealing however alot of Democrats are pretty well off and bernie scares them, I think Bernie scares half the Democrats that have a paid off house and and new Lexus in the garage that they`d sooner roll the dice with Trump when it gets to brass tacks.


I honestly think you guys should`ve went with a "Jim Webb" see, if you ran a decent Democrat and he didn`t roll around on the floor with Donald Trump, just went about running for president unimpeded, he would peal off a fair number of Republicans that are in the "never Trump" camp.


The thing if Hillary chooses Bernie for VP, will that appease the extreme left enough?  Why won`t they say "Why should Bernie settle for second banana???  It should be Bernie as top dog!!!"  Some of the well heeled Dems might be afraid that Hillary would croak in office and Bernie would become prez and take their 500 acre tabletop level Wright county farm away, they might think Hillary is already too far to the left and again roll the dice with Trump.


I don`t know, but it looks like the Democrats have put themselves in checkmate, but I`m not ever going to underestimate the corruption of the American electorate, they might turn out in droves and vote Democrat regardless.


another benefit

would be that in both the Reagan and GWB Admins a strong thread of the respective criminal operations run through the VP office.


I'm far from thrilled about putting another member of the Bush/Clinton organized crime family in the WH but there is a modest check and balance in not having a handpicked henchman.*


And I guess when it comes down to choosing between a crooked liar and a lyin' con man (lies come out of his mouth like poop out of a goose) I guess I'd go with the former. Particularly if the latter's running mate is Lex Luthor.


So here's hoping that Trump is up 10 in the polls before the Dem convention, and Hillary is faced with the question, "do you really want to be President?"


* Cheney appears to fit that to a T. The question of who put the arm on Reagan in regards to GHWB remains a bigger mystery.


The good news for Hillary would be that Bernie probably doesn't have any family friends with guns.



Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: another benefit

You are going to hate this November.  😼



bruce MN

Doesn't seem that interested

Unless, maybe, on his own terms.,but only one other would serve the same purpose: