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Bernie or Bust and other stuff

Following the GOP-like voter suppression op in AZ, no holdin' the nose and voting for Clinton. As a matter of fact it may have been a GOP op as the Maricopa recorder is a Republican. I'd assume that the poor districts that were shortchaged on polling sites would have leaned more Trump on the GOP side. Or maybe they were just prepping for the general.


Bernie can still win the majority of elected delegates- looks like WI is shaping up to be big. We'll find out if that state's electoral oversight is more like MI* or OH.


Bad tidings for the GOP. Obama's approval rating is up 6 points in the last few weeks and Congress' is down to a record low 15%- a level generally reserved for child pornographers and dogfight kennel operators. There's an interesting phenonenon there, though. It is sort of like when 90% of people say they hate the postal service but 90% love their mailman. The only strong tendency to low general approval ratings so far has been to throw out any Republican with a shred of moderate tendencies.


* MI has such a hodgepodge of antiquated voting machines that it is virtually impossible to hijack. OH has a modern centralized computerized system which was used to great effect in the 2004 presidential election. I made a bit of folding cash betting with people that Kasich and Clinton would win easily there.