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Re: Some how the righties

U.S. dentistry actually stands as a pretty strong argument against those who say that medical inflation is all the fault of the gubmint and insurance which doesn't incentivize wise consumer choices.


Very little gubmint dental spending and private insurance covers only a modest amount of charges.


But the cost curve is similar to medicine.


Be careful what swamp you wade into.


If I were uninsured and required a procedure like a joint replacement I'd definitely check out one of the medical tourism sites like in India.

BA Deere
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Re: Some how the righties

$10,000 in savngs?  Smiley Very Happy   What did you do, pilfer a few spent hens from Sparboe to pay `em with?   You know, even for 10 grand, I don`t know it`d be worth risk getting in the crossfire of a druglord shootout or get kidnapped and thrown in a Mexican jail held for ransom.  You`re a brave man Don. 


But you didn`t do anything illegal, alot of others do it.  But if you want to know where the wealth in this country has gone it`s exactly shenanigans such as that.

BA Deere
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Re: Some how the righties

I had a Dodge pickup assembled in Mexico.  They say the most American car is a Honda...or maybe Toyota made in Tennesee...or maybe it`s Georgia, but one of them Jap cars made somewhere down south. 


But that shouldn`t be!  Detroit is where cars should be made, from iron out of Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota.   Now those places have poverty and unemployment.


Re: Some how the righties

In a related matter, I have an Indian friend who, wouldn't you know, is in the motel business. And he has three kids who, wouldn't you know, are excellent students and who he wants to be doctors.


The oldest is a couple years into pre-med and he was telling me it is a dilemma. He can go to med school in India for 1/10th the cost and the rate of passing US board certifications for those graduates is comparable to the good US med schools, vs. borrowing a $quarter million to go in the US.


I don't know all the ins and outs of residencies and possible risks but apparently he's looked into it very carefully and is weighing the considerations.


But anyhow, we don't have a monopoly on higher forms of knowledge and the US medical education system is kind of the beginning of the whole scam.


You come out of school owing a $quarter mil and you're likely to looking for the best paying specialty you can find.


And likewise, seriously, who would want to be a dentist unless they could make a lot of money?

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Re: Some how the righties

 What good is a $15/hr minimum wage if people go to Mexico for their services?

Red Steele
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Re: Some how the righties

Makes you wonder how the Shifties in that clan handle the Monsanto tech fees, doesn't



The couple of large BTOS around here that are always raving about how great the Democrats

are, cheat like hell in every aspect of their businesses, pay little or no income tax as they have

all kinds of "cash cows" , and duplicate told me that they always deduct the

same tractor or combine several times, each entity gets the deduction, etc.


Thats one reason why I hate income tax as a method of raising money...the relatively honest

people pay the bill, the crooks don't. Just like everything else in life, from nursing home expenses,

to charity , etc.


Eliminate income taxes, the IRS, and institute as simple as possible user fees, and defense

contributions for those industrious enough to own property. Those that dont have a pot to pee

in wont have to contribute as they probably would welcome new socialist or communist

masters anyways.