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Bernie said what?

Well isn't this interesting. The press can't do it's job unless it is instructed to do so by some dem presidential candidate. What else does the press not report on until it receives it's marching order from the progressive dems? Why does the fake stream media need the progressive dems to tell them how to do their job. Will they allow Bernie to write the story and then some hapless reporter will sign ze name to it?




During an interview aired on MSNBC on Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that the media “must do a thorough investigation” of Tara Reade’s allegations against 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden “and we will see where that leads.”

Sanders said, “We’re in a situation where we understand that, for decades, women were not able to come forward. They were penalized, punished when they came forward to make their case, and this woman has every right in the world to make her case. The media must do a thorough investigation. Joe Biden has been very firm in saying it never happened. That’s Joe’s point of view. So, of course, Joe is going to stay in the race. There will be an investigation that goes on, and we will see where that leads.”

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Re: Bernie said what?

It'll be interesting to watch if the candidacy of Biden does meltdown, how the democrats will go about making sure Bernie does not become the candidate.  Very interesting.