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Senior Contributor

Bernie should stay in the fray

Bernie Sanders should remain i n the campaign for the dem nomination. Why? Because he has had millions donated to his cause by millions of people. Those folks are common folks that whipped out their $27 donation. Those little people deserve a commitment to their cause. If not the nomination, at least a loud voice at the convention.


For one thing a ban should be put on the existance of the super delegates the spin those special nomination results. Why should Hillary get that substantial head start in the delegate contest plus the open primary would allow nonparty members an interest in the nomination. Why should the millions independent voters be excluded from the primary process?

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bruce MN

Good piece on how they came to be

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Bernie should stay in the fray

I agree and not just because every day that he stays in it hurts Hillary, but yeah, he`s anti-establishment and alot want him in it `til the last dog is hanged.  I think it`s a potential powder keg on how it`s handled the way he gets out.  If he up and quits cold turkey, it counld be violence and Hillary won`t get any of his supporters.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Bernie should stay in the fray

Bernie Sanders should run as a third party socialist/progressive/communist bonehead, and be in the debates, too, just

to show the American public what he has and give the voters the chance to vote for the USA becoming Venezula or Cuba.

Yeah, I know, someohow the USA under Bernie is going to become 95% related scandianavians, and make it work...yeah,



Trump is a deeply flawed candidate, but so was Andrew Jackson, and he did some good things to balance his evil. Really

doubt that Trump is going to make the illegals do a forced march and let their babies and elderly die along the way, like

the poor Cherokee. Blacks will warm up to the idea of more available jobs...well, at least the ones that actually want a

job, and legal hispanics will embrace his policies, too.


Let Hillary run from her Jail cell, and maybe Bill can be her outside surogate just to see how popular he actually is.


Pass the popcorn and crack another Corona, boys, and she-boys.