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bruce MN

This is astounding. I had no idea

as to the scope of it.

Or Ed might tell us that those recorded results are all made up.

Senior Advisor

Re: This is astounding. I had no idea

Meh. Like the midterms, just a typical thing, you know?

The thing that ought to have GOP officials and operatives ready to decamp to Russia is the turnout. 

But that's why we're going to be subjected to a year of scorched earth nihilism with the hope of demoralizing the entire country to a degree that we just don't care.*

I don't think it will work, other than further inflaming the nation. My WWE analogy remains operative- you can be a rasslin' star by working 40% into a frenzy on your behalf, 60% against. Doesn't work in politics.

*someday in the not too distant future this is going to be reflected in the economy as the market and consumer confidence begin to fade. These guys are too clever by half.

bruce MN

Re: Beshear doing ok, I think

Senior Contributor

Re: This is astounding. I had no idea

(This is astounding. I had no idea as to the scope of it.         twitter/matt      since Trump took office, democrats have flipped 9 governorships)

You predicting Trump will surpass Obama's 13 lost Governorships?