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Re: Best Damned Subbabow evah!

So glad now that I didn't watch the half-time. Now that I find out what it really was:

But my impressionable aged Grandsons watched it!! OMG. Thankfully their Mom is one of the teachers where they go to Sunday School. I'll call her up and suggest that they do a little de-programming excercize next Sunday.
BA Deere
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Re: Best Damned Subbabow evah!

I like GaGa`s music, but I don`t understand the lyrics, only the beat like her Poker Face song to me it sounded like "♫Cherry pie cherry pie ♪ cherry pie"  when she was singing "♪can`treadmy can`treadmy poker face ♫"  and i know her goofy eyeball stuff.  It`s all capitalizing on the Illuminati mechanidise to make a buck or two.   I doubt any of her lyrics and rhetoric offends any satan worshippers, but she`s a capitalist satanist.


Lady Gaga preaches the same sermons as alot of your preachers out there, I would worry more about the young squeaky clean preacherman that could use Gaga as his sermon writer each Sunday that has the love, peace and tolerance crap.  That guy, you`re trusting with your souls, where Gaga is only singing about "cherry pies" to a good beat, with her camel toe sticking out.