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Best football team in Indiana

granted, that's a backhanded comment. For probably the third year in the last 6.


Pete Lembo is a great coach, too bad they probably won't keep him. QB Keith Wenning has an accurate arm, can scramble if he has to but doesn't have the size, arm strength of speed that gets scouts excited. But he executes an offense and keeps his cool as well as anybody in the country.If Iowa or Michigan State had him they'd be in the top 10.


Over all the MAC is down this year but I still generally prefer watching MAC to Big 10 which contains a lot of really dreadful games to watch unless you're charged up on a partisan basis.


My observation is that for a lot of men and most women, being at a big event is what football is about, not watching a game so MAC doesn't quite cut it but there is a lot of good football played there.


A tip- Wednesday night game, BSU vs. N. IL  on Nov 6 could be a very good one. I hope that neither gets tripped up in the next game but see comment above- the degree to which the announcers can make some hoohah about undefeated, rankings ec. really doesn't determine whether it's going to be a good football game.


NIU QB John Lynch is also something special- ran for 300+ a couple of games back.

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Re: Best football team in Indiana



BSU-NIU is 11/13, but they get this Saturday off and shift to the Wed schedule next week.

Re: Best football team in Indiana

As long as it lasts.


With Big 10 teams getting $30 M a year from their network to add to their already impressive revenue streams, its hard for me to imagine how long mid majors can compete against that kind of beer and pickup truck advertising revenue.


But for now they do remarkably well, which is fun.




Re: Best football team in Indiana

they play football in Indiana, hum didn't know.  


been to many Mac games, yeah its alright, hockey is better.


generally catch one of the Patsy games in Columbus every year, although did see cal last year.   its really quite a show they put on.  it always amazes me how well behaved 110000 people can be.





Re: Best football team in Indiana

Yeah, I have a friend who's a Buckeye and as part of his deal to remain on the waiting list for season tickets that he's been on for 20 years he has to buy a single game ticket or two to the warmups.


If I was an alum I'd probably be into it too, I'll admit, but when I go to big time events at places where I'm not it makes me feel kinda creepy. I wonder if the Aztecs had a stuffed mascot and bet that the crowds at the sacrifices were quite well behaved.


A lot of Ohio kids on the Ball State roster as well as about every good team to be found in states that surround you. However just like basketball mania has probably been a net negative for public education in Indiana, I won't worry as long as you guys are willing to pay the various costs in training them to that level and produce a decent surplus.


Re: Best football team in Indiana

they still do sacrifices, like last night, but at least no one dies.  


I'm generally not interested in crowds either, but if you ever get the chance it really is quite a show.