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Best response to liberals ad nauseum arguments

Kurt Schlicter has the perfect response.


Sounds like Keith Ellison and Perez have quite an internal feud going at the DNC, too, and that the Bernie Sanders/Keith Ellison/Fidel Castro camp is not going to play ball with the establishment. Without the forced union dues, without the support of normals. looks like big money problems.


Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

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Re: Best response to liberals ad nauseum arguments

Ans now they have teamed up with ms13........

BA Deere
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Re: Best response to liberals ad nauseum arguments

Yeah, and just like we suspected and Liz Warren confirms, liberals are rooting for the communists during the upcoming North Korea summit, no surprise.  



And these pompous white liberals that run down their own race in order to be the folly to gain some sort or street cred, just makes my skin crawl.  I think those of a different race see them for the fool they are or would be offended, when some take "self deprecating humor" too far, it`s an obvious that it`s a actually arrogant person trying to mask their true self.  I mean if someone really feels they can`t dance and have "small feet", why would they even bother to get out of bed in the morning?  They aren`t fooling anyone except themselves.