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Why you can pry my AR-15 out of my cold, dead hands 

Google "Solibor" movie if you have Tubi or Amazon movie, too, but not for the squeamish. If you could not watch "Unplanned", you are not going to be able to watch "Solibor". Odd that it takes Putin's Russia to come out with a hard hitting current movie (2019) that shows why free populations want to be armed to the death, and not afraid to use those armaments.

The sheep in America that want an unarmed country should form a collective someplace else....this is something that is not negotiable to those of us that can study history and learn what happens, even in a place that was as civilized as Germany was before the descent into Nazi darkness.

The US federal government is out of control currently and needs to be downsized. I know that we have cretins here and everywhere that are going to argue about the need for cradle to grave government control, and based on what they have done with their lives on their own, maybe THEY need to be controlled and should join the afore mentioned collective. The starvation and misery of a few poor souls in these collectives would be a small price to pay to save freedom for the rest of us, right?

If Trump joins forces with the anti-gun, anti-freedom crowd, he is toast, too. I hope he gets that and doesn't go along with the leftists.

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Re: this question

Anyone who will voluntarily turn in his/her gun is not the problem. A government which will confiscate legally purchased merchandise is fascist.

BA Deere
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Re: this question

Yup Canuck, you`ll know who the outlaws are, they`ll know you and your neighbors aren`t armed and they`ll have guns, I doubt if they`ll care about breaking the law with gun possession while robbing you.   Call 911 and they`ll show up with a mop & bucket 2 hours later. 

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Re: this question

So you think every robber is going to come at you with an assault rifle and shoot you no matter what ?

Must be a terrible way to live in fear for your life at all times.

Nice to live in a country with some control on guns so we do not have that fear.

Making sure all citizens have a way to survive with out resorting to robbery helps too and keeping the disparity in incomes to a minimum.

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Re: this question

That doesn't answer the question, how is Beto going to confiscate legally purchased property from a US citizen.