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Bets said to be on the way out

apparently the USDA already grabbed all the bar managers and cabana boys who worked on the Trump campaign and she can't fill the department's mid level posts.


The Best People are in short supply.


Pretty old story that I've seen many times. Guy A who regards himself as a successful farmer or businessman gets a burr under his saddle and decides to run for school board or commissioner and he's going to use some of his common sense to straighten things up pronto. Almost invariably he gets frustrated and quits within a term or two.


Same applies to Trump, who probably didn't even enter the race expecting to win. But he's in way too deep and it is tough to see a good WWE storyline that will get him out.



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Re: Bets said to be on the way out

I have sat on boards where a new member gets elected and is going to 'shake things up' get rid of all the 'dead wood' and 'inefficiencies' and then when the decision has to be made about closing something that was local to 'him' (it was always a male that I remember) they changed their minds about efficiencies and wanted to subsidize a losing part of the organization from profitable areas to keep it open.

Or they learned that the great idea they had was something that the board had considered and studied and could tell them why it was not so great given the actually facts we had to work with.

And yes many of them did not run again or if they did were much changed in their attitudes of how things needed to be run.