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Better n' a novel

Pro-Russian Ukrainians dangle a conspriacy theory in front of Crazy Rudy, who hits it like a spring smallmouth. The rest of the history of that seems to be coming into focus.

But then AG Billy Four Eyes meets with The Roopster.

A few days later, the two Ukrainian gangsters at the center of the scheme are aresstd by an agency that is under Billy's purview on matters they've been invetigating for sometime.

But then it turns out that they and Crazy Rudy were on their way to set up a "bombshell" interview by Hannity with with fugitive Firtash in Vienna.

Anyway, Conspiracy Theory #1 looks DOA even if the The Usual Suspcts will treat it as fact ad infinitum. And the search for The Fountain of Youth looks to be a severe compounding matter in the impeachable Real Conspiracy.

Conspiracy Theory #2 also looks to be floundering- Italian PM suggests that Billy Four Eyes' European fishing vacation also came up croppers.

Actually, probably not a good novel. Nobody could make this stuff up.



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Re: Better n' a novel

Bill and Rudy's Excellent Adventure ....... fizzle supreme.

 Conte wasn't going for the shakedown. 


On a different note , I see the daddy Chubs talking points finally hit the cult and are being disseminated here by the toadies.


Re: Better n' a novel

Correction- the interview was to be with Shokin, the fired prosecutor.

Notwithstanding the fact that he was a corrupt agent of the pro-Russian and Russian oligarchs and the IMF and entirety of the western alliance anted him gone, I'm sure he would come off as a nice man.