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Betty White comedian actress

first acting role was on the great gildersleeve for those of you still interested in that stuff. Most of you cannot remember the great gildersleeve as it was along time ago. Throckmorton P Gildersleeve.


Yep old folks can remember the truely important stuff.

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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Betty White comedian actress

I still download podcasts of old time radio shows, and Ol' Gildie, Judge Hooker, Peavy and the rest are one of my favorites. Those shows take me back to a time before this country was taken over by perverts that are proud to be perverse in everything that they do. I rarely watch "TV" any longer, but listen to the old radio whenever I can. They can be found for free on iTunes for listening on you computer, iPhone, or iPad.