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Senior Contributor

Biden fires Downs Syndrome advocate

[Biden is clearing federal advisory councils of all members appointed by his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, including Down syndrome advocate Kurt Kondrich, who together with his daughter Chloe has promoted bi-partisan legislation to help parents welcome children with Down syndrome.

The Kondrichs are widely recognized for their substantial work in promoting and protecting the human rights of children with Down syndrome, including Chloe’s Law, a 2014 Pennsylvania law that requires doctors to provide scientific data to expecting mothers whose unborn child may have Down syndrome.

Presidential advisory council terminations by the Biden administration are unprecedented. Previous presidents have always allowed appointees from previous administrations to carry out their terms to conclusion. The councils are non-partisan and do not have any executive power, only an advisory role.

Kondrich is puzzled as to why President Biden would want to fire him specifically.

“I have always said that our disability advocacy was completely bipartisan and focused on defending and protecting people with disabilities from conception to natural death,” Kondrich told the Friday Fax. “We advocate for funding support and services that allow people with disabilities to be fully included in society in a safe environment.”]