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Biden paid $900,000 by Ukraina

Hat tip to Sam who first posted this. Now what are the dems going to do? And there was Biden yesterday saying Trump has to be impeached because he miss used his office. Today would be a good day for Biden to drop out and for Pelosi to blame the whole impeachment fiasco on Schiff. Won't happen but if they had any brains or integrity it would. This does provide cover of all of the red state dems to abandon Pelosi.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Biden paid $900,000 by Ukraina

The Leftists used to fight “The Man”, now, they are “The Man”.

Senior Contributor

Re: Biden paid $900,000 by Ukraina

The money was funneled though a firm john kerry has family in.  And did you know john cofer black of cia fame is on the board at burisma?  Tangled webs these people have.