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Biden`s new slogan

"You should vote for someone else!".    Nooo probleeemo Joe.


After being confronted on the campaign trail by a former lawmaker on his climate change policy, former Vice President Joe Biden said to “go vote for somebody else.”

Biden’s exchange with former Iowa state representative Ed Fallon happened Tuesday as Fallon stopped to take a photo with the former vice president in Iowa.

In a video of the interaction that was posted on Twitter, Fallon first tells Biden he would support him if he wins the Democratic nomination. Then he asks, “but what are we going to do about climate change?”


“That’s not going to work,” Fallon said. “We’ve got to stop building and replacing pipelines.”


Biden responds by placing a hand on Fallon’s chest and telling him to “go vote for somebody else.”

The two continue their conversation, with Biden later asking Fallon if he believes Sen. Bernie Sanders can do something to address climate change.

“I’m actually supporting Tom Steyer,” Fallon said.

Steyer later issued his own response to the video, telling Biden “this is no way to treat an Iowan.”

“We need immediate action on climate,” Steyer said on Twitter. “If you don’t agree, happy to talk (at) debate.”

Biden had a similar exchange with a climate change activist in December, when he was confronted over hiring someone who served on the board of a natural gas company.

“If you looked at my record and you still doubt about my commitment, then you should vote for somebody else,” he told the activist in a video posted on Twitter by the climate group Sunrise Movement.

Just one month earlier, Biden again dismissed an immigration activist who confronted the candidate over deportations during the Obama administration.

“You should vote for Trump,” Biden told him in a video that was shared on Twitter by CNN reporter Eric Bradner.


The activist, Carlos Rojas, who is a member of the group Movimiento Cosecha, was later hired by the Sanders campaign.

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Re: Biden`s new slogan

it's evidence that Slow Joe actually does have a lucid moment at times.

People SHOULD vote for someone else.