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Biden stumped by science question

Then he gets aggressive. Just can't keep his hands off other people.


“If you’re running for such an office as President of the United States, you should at least be able to actually answer any question thrown out at you, especially to a normal, every-day citizen,” said Katie Moon of her recent interaction with 2020 Democrat primary presidential candidate Joe Biden at the Iowa State Fair.

The student had asked Biden how many genders there are, to he responded, “There are at least three.” But when Moon asked her follow-up question inquiring as to what the alleged three genders are, the former vice president reacted by stating, “Don’t play games with me, kid.”

“As soon as he said to not ‘play games’ with him, I just kind of thought, ‘Okay, whatever — he’s not going to answer my question, I’m not going to get anything,'” said Moon. “So, I just decided to try to remove myself from the situation, but he reached out and grabbed my arm — pretty aggressively — to get my attention again, but I’m not even quite sure why he decided to grab my arm.”

The student said that after grabbing her arm,  Biden uttered something about marriage. “By the way, first one to come out for marriage was me,” Biden can be heard saying in the video, which was later posted to Twitter by TPUSA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk.

“It was very confusing,” noted the student of Biden’s response, in which he conflated the supposed number of genders with what seemed to be his stance on same-sex marriage.

“I’m with you,” concurred Marlow. “I don’t see the issues as at all related — your viewpoint on how many genders there are — I don’t see how that has anything to do with same-sex marriage, or laws, or who can marry whom. The fact that that’s where his mind went, I thought was also revealing.”

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Re: Biden stumped by science question

Joe will drop out by Christmas. Ultimately you will be wishing he’d stayed in 

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Re: Biden stumped by science question


Though some good people don't think Joe is a socialist or as nutty as his compatriots.  They don't fully like President Trump because of his manners or lack and probably could be persuaded to vote for somebody on the other side if they weren't so anti-American.

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Re: Biden stumped by science question

He's no different than any of the rest. All he has to offer is hate and intolerance. The thing is no one would take him seriously. They know he is lying. They also know he and his family got rich off of the Chinese.

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"lost his fastball"

Kind of reminds me of the Minnesota Twins relief the tradeline deadline, the Twins via trades, demotions, releases, and reassignments made the attempt to restructure their ailing bullpen....and they succeeded.

They went from being mediocre to being atrocious.

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Re: "lost his fastball"

Tulsi and Marianne possibly excepted, any of them can beat Trump.

None of them are Hillary Clinton although a large percentage of The Base still thinks that's who he's running against.

Warren showing the legs of a really good horse- moving up steadily.

If nothing else it would be fun to watch all the knuckleheads with war paint and breechcloths doing a war dance to chants of Pocahontas.

Not too certain about Tulsi and Marianne now that I think about it. Anyone who hasn't been captured by The Cult is getting sick of this.

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Re: Biden stumped by science question

@bruce MN wrote:

Joe will drop out by Christmas. Ultimately you will be wishing he’d stayed in 

Its hard to see any white male winning that as they seem to be the enemy.

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allot of questions about biden 3020q

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Re: allot of questions about biden 3020q

Thank you for the LOL moment of the day!!


I will say one thing about Bill, he has better legs than Hill.