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Senior Advisor

Big Oil's new idea

  I find Big Oil's new strategy more than amusing.  After years of doing everything they could to destroy biofuels suddenly, they want to kiss & make up. Last summer they had a total of 52 refinery exemption waivers into the EPA that amounted to 4 billion gallons of ethanol not blended they didn't show any mercy.  Now when everybody can see the evitable end of oil they want to form an alliance.

  Biofuels & corn farmers should stay as far away from those snakes as they can.  The truth is ethanol (from one source or another)  is going to be the liquid fuel of the future.  Ethanol doesn't need oil to survive but oil needs ethanol to prolong its slow death.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Big Oil's new idea

Totally predictable.

And since many Ag corps are dues paying members of the blob and many farmers also hate the environment it is an achievable objective.