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Bill Clinton's Ranking in the World

This is what I already knew, but thought that I should share it this afternoon:



Consitution Daily

Smart conversation from the National Constitution Center


Two professors have put together the first survey of experts in three years about great Presidents, and Bill Clinton has made a big leap from a previous study.





Back in 2010 and 2011, Clinton ranked 13th and 19th among the 43 Presidents considered in surveys fielded by Siena College (of 238 Presidential scholars) and by the London-based United States Presidency Centre. In all, Clinton had appeared in 11 presidential surveys and his aggregate rank was 20th out of 43 Presidents.



But a new survey of political scientists conducted by Justin Vaughn at Boise State University, and Brandon Rottinghaus at University of Houston puts Clinton in the list of near-great Presidents, as the 8th best President ever.


Vaughn and Rottinghaus contacted 391 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents & Executive Politics section, and 162 surveys were completed.


“The very top of the rankings are consistent with what similar studies have shown for years – America’s greatest Presidents are Lincoln, Washington and Franklin Roosevelt,” Vaughn said. “What is new and noteworthy, though, is the rise of Bill Clinton as one of the greatest modern Presidents and the slow sinking of Barack Obama to the bottom quartile of modern Presidents.”

Clinton was the highest-ranking modern President, ahead of Ronald Reagan (11th), Lyndon Johnson (12th), John Kennedy (14th) and George H.W. Bush (17th).


The official top 10 list was topped by Abraham Lincoln as the greatest President, followed by George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Clinton, Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson.


The surveys also showed that political scientists had mixed feelings about Obama and negative views of George W. Bush.


Vaughn said Obama was ranked in the bottom half of modern presidents for diplomatic skills and his ability to work with Congress, and was ranked only “marginally better” for personal integrity and military skill.


“Obama’s sub-par standing on these facets of presidential greatness reflects scholars having several years of evidence to base their assessment on, rather than initial studies, where projections of hope and anticipation were still factored in. Now, barring something extraordinary in the last two years of his administration, experts generally know what they are getting from the Obama Administration,” Vaughn said.


George W. Bush had the 35th highest overall rating (out of 43 Presidents) and was the fifth most popular choice when scholars were asked for their list of the worst presidents.


This group of experts considered James Buchanan was the lowest ranked president, followed by Warren Harding, Andrew Johnson, and Franklin Pierce.


The most polarizing Presidents among the scholars were Andrew Jackson, Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson. A significant number of scholars put these four Presidents in both the “best” and “worst” categories.



Is this why you Republicans hate the Clintons so much - because he is more popular than even Ronald Reagan?  Say it can't be so - but it is.


And how about your Good 'ol Boy GW?  He sure didn't make the podium now, did he.  Again, no wonder that you guys always have to go back to Reagan when you talk about a Republican President. guys keep making up lies.  Hopefully, you'll get some of them to actually stick.  It's about your only hope.  The thing is, I see the Senate also being in jeopardy.  Losing to Secretary Clinton, and the Senate...that would probably put some of you over the edge...




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Re: Bill Clinton's Ranking in the World

Rule # 1 in history-who wins is all about who kept the scorebook. I find some of those positions laughable- but it's my opinion and so is that article you got the numbers from-opinion-by political scientists. History is started by facts and then watered down by whoever tells the story. That's why in 100 years nobody will give a (fill in the blank) about november 2016.  Heck- I don't even care about it now.


I'm 60,got maybe 15 yrs, and the country isn't at all like it was 50 years ago and it ain't coming back whoever gets elected so I don't care. You need to reflect a little, and not get yourself all worked up about something on you read on your computer because it ain't worth it.


Maybe I'm wrong-usually are- but here is what you can take to the bank- man and womankind are idiots when it comes to politics. Over all of recorded history the great civilizations have crumbled due to politics and ours will too.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Bill Clinton's Ranking in the World

Well said rawhide. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Bill Clinton's Ranking in the World

I can't disagree with what you've written Rawhide - but I didn't write the article. Take up you issues with the Constitution Daily. I had my own issues with the report - as I am also 60 - that Johnson was ranked where he was. But since I grew up with Vietnam, like you, my emotions wouldn't allow me to place him that high.

Regardless of the article, Bill Clinton is respected world wide. And has been for some time.

Republicans say we should give Trump a chance. I can't. Doing my own research on him has shown me that this fellow shouldn't be the Republican candidate. As much as I hate Cruz, and I really do, he at least didn't have the baggage that Trump brings. Cruz may have set our country back (in as far as it relates to our country's diversification), but Trump - he could get us into WW3.

Do your own research. One of my favorite movies is Back to the Future - I liked the whole trilogy. Trump reminds me of what happens in the second movie, I could see that playing out in real life. Not familiar with the movie? You'll have to watch it your selves....