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Re: Bill Maher, voice of reason? LOL

Thanks - it will be a Happy Thanksgiving!

As far as my plans for the Holidays, I guess that’s my own business, isn’t it?   I’ve got a 15 pound turkey thawing out, and will be baking some pies this afternoon.

But, this morning I have the distinct pleasure of being at MAYO for some tests.   So glad to have THE BEST medical center in the world, only 45 minutes away!   It’s why I live where I do.

The most memorable holiday happened a few years ago, when we drove down to Orlando on Christmas Eve.   Got into our RV site by 5 PM, and decided to spend Christmas Eve at Sea World with about 50,000 of my closest friends.   And I do mean - close!   But it was really a fun evening.   I will do it again - maybe - someday.   When Covid has been defeated, and before the next major infectious disease rears it’s ugly head.  And when the bad taste of a Republican state is extinguished, along with a Republican Governor whom enjoys killing off his voting block.   Right now, they couldn’t pay me enough, to come back to Florida - and they don’t need my snow bird money.

My house is nearly done - working on my deck railings.   I’ll build and stain them in my shop, and install them in a few weeks.   One less thing.   Now, if only cedar siding would come down a bit, I could get the other 2 sides of my addition finished up.   For now, the Typar is shedding the weather very nicely.  And, it’s been fully functional for a long time.

Well, I just got called in.  Happy Thanksgiving Dems - you Republican Bàstàrds - I don’t really care what you do or don’t.


Senior Contributor

Re: Bill Maher, voice of reason? LOL

@rsbs wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving Tick Tock,

I hope you enjoy an empty place, while those illegitimate siblings and sons enjoy their day someplace else. Just be patient....Christmas is just around the corner and you can enjoy playing scrooge soon.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Bill Maher, voice of reason? LOL

Ohhhhhh, that hurts me sooooo bad Millie.

How about you spend some time on the treadmill this winter.   Oh wait - you can’t afford that!   So go out and walk all your lines of high tensile wire, and hope someone hasn’t taken a side grinder with a thin wheel to it.   A thin wheel on your nice tight wire would do a number on your fence in no time.   And, they won’t have worry about the death shock as it uncoils away.

You should be here at MAYO, getting some back round tests done to help keep that family cancer thing in check.   Oh wait - you’re a Republican Bàstàrd, and probably don’t have - can’t afford health insurance.   Too bad….maybe you could catch it in time.

As far as being mean, no, I’m not.   I’m actually very caring and sharing.   We share items from our garden - even with some of my friends whom unfortunately are Republicans.    They may be stabbing me in the back when I’m not watching, like Republican Bàstàrds seem to have to do.   And if and when I see that they are, it’ll be the LAST time I offer anything to them.   These people aren’t the bastardized Trump Flag waving people.    Big trucks emblazoned with Trump shît all over it.   They live their lives, like I do.   And, maybe someday, even here I will be able to return to that person that was 5 plus years ago.   But somehow, with Republican àsshôles like we have populating this site - I doubt it.


Veteran Advisor

Re: Bill Maher, voice of reason? LOL

One thing about MAYO, it’s good for an all day outing.   One I’d rather not do.