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BA Deere
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Re: Birthrates

But yet, there are post after post from globalist leftists on here that say "we can`t bring jobs back...they are gone forever!" and they will further say "even if you bring the jobs back, the work will be done by robots!".  Well, okay we got 95 million people out of the workforce, half the country doesn`t pay federal income taxes, so tell us professor why do we need more people in this country?


In the 1920`s when there was coal to mine, stumps to grub, yes the arguement could be made that we needed more blonde, blue eyed Swedes to come in do the work and make more blonde blue eyed babies.   But today our entitlement safety net is full of people with nappy hair.  There are just too many people here period, our natural resources, water, clean air are stretched to the limit.  To grow and grow population is a disaster...just google pictures of Calcutta.

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Re: Birthrates

I take from that the premise is a pyramid system for the economy where the 'good times' will only happen where there are more and more people.

So the world should be doing great since our global population is at record heights and still increasing.

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Re: Birthrates

Birthrates not necessarily the answer, depends on opportunities, economics and location.  Fewer people in average to decent circumstances is better than more people in average to poor predicaments.  I guess having fewer people with too many in average to poor predicaments is bad enough.  


Google some info on Detroit, for example.


Detroit --


1950 population 1.8 million, 16% black

2010 population 700,000, over 80% black


Unmarried women under 25 -- over 10X birthrate of San Francisco or Seattle

Infant mortality rate -- over 3X rate in Poland, over 2X rate in Moscow, better odds of reaching age 1 in Mexico


Then look at the crime statistics.




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Re: Birthrates

Flat birth rates and flat wage growth, terminal for ponzi scheme government.  Better get on it.