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Craig's Brother
Senior Contributor

Blacks demonstrate their commitment toward justice.


Blacks in America have found a way to demonstrate their commitment toward justice.  Mob violence.  I mean, can you think of any better way to demonstrate a commitment to justice – than by smashing windows and beating innocent White people?  Here is but one list chronicling Black America's commitment to justice. •NOW UPDATED TO 35•


Now the biggest and most powerful “mob” operating right now is in the Justice Department itself – as Attorney General Eric Holder (who is Black) has promised Black America that he will further investigate the possibility of federal charges for Zimmerman, despite an incredibly weak case, as shown by the State of Florida with their failed prosecution.  Holder is clearly attempting to violate the spirit of double-jeopardy protections, as he has begun an all-out crusade to try and prosecute Zimmerman in federal court at all costs.  Holder’s DOJ has even gone so far as to plead for the public’s help to provide “tips” (read: anything, true or not, that will help put Zimmerman away) and has even set up an email address to receive these “tips”.  As I watch these “protests” and the actions by Black members of our government to prosecute Zimmerman, I can’t help but wonder how the media narrative might be different, if it were Tea Party protesters smashing windows and beating innocent people?  Of course, mobocracy is by its very nature, directly in conflict with the tenets of our respect for rule of law and advocacy for civil discourse.  Still, it’s worth a moment of mental exercise in pondering such obvious hypocrisy.


  • The above commentary was poorly received and deleted from several other online forums.
  • Sending to John Nolte was not in vain, note the "Obvious observation" added at the end.
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Re: FUNNY!!!!!

seems all the obamloites are on vacation or skeerd to face facts wonder why ---and how diod so many get off work to protest---makes one proud to be white and not of that grade of animal

Re: Blacks demonstrate their commitment toward justice.

Typical Democrat Thug Behavior !
gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Blacks demonstrate their commitment toward justice.

You ought to get the next Nobel peace prize.