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Blame the boomers

Looked around but couldn't find the link.


Expressions of intergenerational hostility are fairly common here, so I thought I'd post and comment.


Anyway, it was from a young Brit lamenting that his/her generation overwhelmingly favored Remain but the 'rent's gen went heavily Leave. Seen as just more evidence that The Boomers have screwed up yet another thing (maybe their kids as well?)


Anyway, also true of the Trump/Bernie skew over here.


I'm far from enamored with my cohort in general and never defended them/us except when I think the attacker has the facts wrong.


But for firebreathers who happen to fall outside The Boom in either direction and generally disdain them, how're you reconciling all this?


I guess it is a pretty malleable process. Old people are stupid about this, young people about that.


PS. As I've said, I myself am not all that enamored and actually tend to agree with The Kid on this one. Whatever youthful idealism you'd like to attribute to them/us, I generally find us heavily laden with angry, selfish individuals at this age.

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Re: Blame the boomers

Well how bout that, the generation that's doesn't pay the most taxes and only concerned with driving through the tunnel andbanging French women wanted to stay. Who a thunk?
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Re: Blame the boomers

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Re: Blame the boomers

If one has any sense they have to realize the young are looking for a handout and the heck with the consequences.  So what it they lose their freedom, so what if women can't walk the streets, so what if you are taxed for being a Christian or killed if you're gay. 

The short sightedness of youth and the laziness combine to make a liberal.  When the very foundation of society is being destroyed and moved back to 600 AD older and wiser people who pay the bills need to take a stand.  One shouldn't need to be overly bright to understand the multiple countries of Europe are not the original 13 colonies.  They have no language in common, no religion in common and their histories are one of war against one another. 


Re: Blame the boomers

And you damn kids get off my lawn!