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Re: Things to watch for

So according to the author the debate is all about fluff. I want to hear about the economy and border security.

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Re: Blame the moderator

You righties like to refer to him as Lord Trump, and since you are one with God, I felt it fitting he should have a prayer. One that fits HIS stature of good and loyal servant of God.

Red Steele
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CNBC agrees



If Trump has screwed a plethora of business entities and bimbos, maybe Mrs. Clinton should have found one of them to have a front

row seat to the debate.


I wonder if Bill Clinton is going to be there...that should win a few more votes for Trump.

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Re: CNBC agrees

The bigger question is, I wonder if Mrs. Trump is going to be there.  She has been pretty scarce since her issue at the Republican get together.  As a matter of fact, I haven't seen her at all.  I heard a mention of a law suit against someone that said in addition to here lewd photo shoot, she was actually also working an escort service.


She didn't want Duckie to run anyway.....I'm sure that things aren't as rosy on the home front these days.  


That makes one wonder, since Melania wants nothing to do with this presidency thing, will Ivanka fill in for First Lady?  Maybe in the capacity of First Daughter is the Duckie actually wins?   


Since we haven't seen Melania for awhile, thought that maybe I should post a picture so we all remember what she looks like:


Aug 1 Coverup.jpg


It's a "Celebration of the human body as art".  Too bad someone on here complained about it looking like porn, and I had to black out the rest to show it here.  Just goes to show, one man's art is another man's porn.  In this case, I agree with the editors or whoever's porn....So where has our First Lady of Porn been?



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Re: CNBC agrees

The real question is, will Melania be there?  The possible First Lady of Porn hasn't been seen much since the Republican Convention.  The only mention I have even heard of her, was that she had filed a law suit against someone for saying that in addition to the lewd pictures she took, that she also belonged to an escort service.  Maybe she did, maybe she didn't?  What difference does it make?


So, since Melania already said that she wanted nothing to do with this running for president thing, I wonder if we will see instead of the First Lady of Porn, instead, a First Daughter to do all the things that the normal First Lady of Porn would have done.  So, that's the real question.  That, and where's the taxes we were promised so long ago?


Since we haven't seen Melania, thought I should post a picture so we at least remember what she looks like:






that was quick

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Re: CNBC agrees

You must be one jealous old lady. Maybe if you fix yourself up some you wouldn't hate every woman that doesn't peel paint off the walls.