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Blue Card?

Bill by Feinstein and Lofgren would allow workers who have had steady ag employment for last two years, no criminal record, pay a fine, to get a blue card (this is a new program being recommended).  Another 3-5 years and they can get a green card.


Is this a way to knock some of the edges off the immigration issue as far as agriculture is concerned?

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Re: Blue Card?

Throw in a requirement (and resource support for) that the employee actively seek, and show proof of seeking, obtaining citizenship in the interim.
Senior Advisor

Re: Blue Card?

Only after there is a secure border. Other wise it is an open invitation to all.

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Re: Blue Card?

We already have work and student visa programs.


I'm assuming the intent of the "blue card" proposal is to give them to anyone per qualifications regardless of whether they came here legally or illegally.


Build the wall.