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Blue collar workers say `trade killing us".

Yeah, it`s about time they wake up, but the country is in the high 70s% a "service based economy" alot of them damned fools will vote for Hillary or Bernie and pray for a $15 minimum wage.  Yeah, they`d better enjoy their one and only week of a $15/hr wage, because the next week they be laid off.


As much as I like Lyin` Ted, I don`t think he gets it as far as trade, Trump is the only choice for those that work for a living.  Lyin` Ted probably has bought into the whole "trade our way to prosperity" line that has failed for over 20 years now. 


Why don`t that damned Kas-o-sheit just get out of the race? he could win every state from now til the convention and not mathematically have a chance of getting anywhere near the delegates.  Kase-o-sheit is just in it as a spoiler to circumvent the will of the people, the damned fool has absolutely no chance other than underhandedly somehow stealing the nomination at convention.  He`s a waste of time and I see little difference between him and Hillary.