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Body Language

Jake Tapper's interview with Conway was great. The lies by the Trump administration are taking their toll on on what reporters believe anymore. Tappers face said it all - why should I give you one second of my time, when everything coming from your administration is nothing but a bold face lie.

Mr. Tapper - good for you. And be assured, the bulk of America is behind you. Keep up the pressure. Don't let this administration get away with what they are trying to do. This administration is destroying America, and Americas standing in the world.

Kellyanne's credibility is ZERO. Our new president's credibility is also falling rapidly. This entire administration is a joke. And the joke is on America and ANYONE that voted for this guy.

Tick Tock....

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Re: Body Language

Hey Jen, go volunteer at a hospital or a senior citizen center, might take your mind off all the hate you have!
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Re: Body Language

I wouldn't suggest that. She probably would go around pulling the plugs on all the conservative patients. Never trust a liberal.

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Re: Body Language



Projecting again.


so sad.