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Senior Advisor

Boehner wants Mano to mano negotiation with Obama.

On the debt negotiation. Talk about feeling of  self importance. Nope, Obama has turned that over to Biden to negotiate with congress types.  Alas I didn't know that the white house had legislative power.  The do have veto power but not the responsibility to write law.


I shudder at the thought that our negotiator in chief is engaging in Texas holdem with those card sharks on the right. He must have absolutely the worst record in history in political capitulation. The right ought to love him becauses he caves in so quickly. Yes, no deal is better than a poor deal and this dude is apt to negotiate away senior care and SS and get nothing in return.


Medicare and SS do not need to be reformed. They need to be financed adequately. The right has chosen this moment in time under the worst of economic circumstances to attack social programs. SS and medicare did not cause 14 trillion in debt. Not one dollar of it. How many of you sell your profitable farm if it showed a loss for one year or two.


Thats what the righties are doing to medicare. Selling the **bleep** farm because they never wanted it in the first place.