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Boobquake Day

I missed it.

Did anyone notice?

And there were the same number of quakes as normal.

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Re: Boobquake Day

You dont get it.  It is not the boob that is revealed that causes man kind to suffer.  It is the heart that reveals it and the reason for which the heart wants to reveal it.


A cheerleader who asks her mom to lower her hemline to four inches above the knee, instead of six practices modesty while an Amish girl who lifts hers to reveal three inches above the sock does not practice modesty.  It is the heart not the boob.

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Heart or mind??

I follow what you say John but I would say it is the mind that makes something 'modest or immodest'. Society or religions make rules of what is modest, what is acceptable and so they are. That does not change anything in reality just what others think or say about the person who does not follow the 'rules' of the day.

The point of the article though was religion claiming a scientific fact (in error too, again) that women (notice there is no mention of how men dress) not covering up to suit their rules were causing earthquakes. The movement was a bit of a spoof but was intended to show that showing as much cleavage as any one wished was not going to cause an earthquake.

Well I suppose it might cause some people to quake if they think the human breast is some kind of evil, dangerous or 'sinful' thing to see.

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Re: Genesis 2:25.....

An examination of the Bible shows that God created our bodies and that His creation was good.

Genesis 1:31 “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Then we have the direct statement by God:

Genesis 2:25  “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

There you have it, naked and not ashamed! (....just don't go frying bacon in yer birthday suit!!!!)Robot surprised

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Re: Genesis 2:25.....

Rubbish Craig - there is not one grain of truth in any of that bible crap you write.  For the sake of humanity, get a grip on reality.

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Precise advice from the 'good book'.

Craig;  That is sort of like the Cleric's advice modesty and earthquakes isn't it.

You find advice about nudity being OK and others find advice that they must be 'ashamed' of the naked body, especially the female version.

And the fact is nudity does not cause earthquakes and there is no scientific information in holy books.

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Re: Boobquake Day

Hey Canuck, what I missed were all the women showing their jumblies, anyone have pictures?  :  )


Re: Boobquake Day

First day on the intraweb?

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Re: Heart or mind??

Go ahead and reduce your soul, your inner being your SELF to a chemical function of cells.  Heart is a euphanism for your soul, but I think you knew that.

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Re: Heart or soul??

@SEILJohn wrote:

Go ahead and reduce your soul, your inner being your SELF to a chemical function of cells.  Heart is a euphanism for your soul, but I think you knew that.

Actually John I did not think that way. Of course I have no evidence of anyone having a "soul", it is one of those things you just have to believe in.

Societies rules on dress are just ideas that people work themselves up to believe in Unless you can quote scripture that tells you how to dress. Rules for dress keep changing, at least for most people.