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Both parties lie on budget cuts

Considering the severity of our country's deficit it would be nice if at least one of the parties would be honest with the American people on their intentions for cutting the budget.

Senate Democratic leaders, under pressure from Republicans to cut the budget, have been misleading the public by claiming they already have "cut" spending by $41 billion.



The fact is that the Democrats haven’t "cut" any spending. Congress hasn’t passed a budget for fiscal year 2011, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says federal spending continues to rise.




Now, you may hear House Republicans make reference to having "cut" $100 billion in spending, as House Speaker John Boehner did on his blog Feb. 22: "Early Saturday morning, the House passed H.R. 1, an historic $100 billion spending cut …" That’s not true, either.



As explained earlier, the House bill that passed Feb. 19 reduced non-security discretionary spending by $61 billion from fiscal year 2010. It’s only a $100 billion "cut" compared with the president’s budget proposal — a fact that is sometimes left out of the discussion. A chart compiled by the Republican staff for the House Committee on Appropriations shows that the actual cut in spending is $61 billion.

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Re: Both parties lie on budget cuts

I was under the impression that they just now agreed on and passed a bill that would cut some of the spending.  Like a couple of days ago.

Senior Contributor

Re: Both parties lie on budget cuts

You are right Bart.  Those quotes were from a couple months ago but it was meant to show how both parties are more then willing to lie to us to make us think they are addressing this critical problem more seriously. 



I've also been reading where both parties are exaggerating their claims on their more recent proposed cuts. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Like this?

  LOL, ALL ABOARD!!!!! The Koch Bros Express is organizing a rally somewhere about SS and Medicare payment dis-incentives(see, it's not a cut).

  It's par for the course, and was predictable too, just as everything that the right wing extremists accused Obama of doing/being while pointing a finger at him and others, three of their own fingers were pointing back at themselves.

  If they want to enact those (non) cuts, make them effective immediately and across the board too.


  Oh yeah, Trump-Bachmann in 2012!!!!!!!! It's hilarious to see them keep running that "birther" issue up the flag pole, and screw it, I'll play along for some fun and cheap entertainment.

Senior Contributor

Re: Like this?

I would think with the US involved in 3 wars, real unemployment at 10% and real inflation arguably at 10% there would be no reason to hope for a weak Republican idiot ticket just for fun.


I don't think the Democrats are capable of fixing the problems we face as their constiuency is constituted of welfare recipients, eco nuts, anti Americans/capitalist and minorities.  I know they have many good normal people voting for them too under the misconception that all these individual groups need help or that the world is in dire danger and only government can fix anything.


However we are about to go broke and suffer a horrible future of riots and destruction if we don't cut our spending and get it under control.  It means that we really have to cut not just reduce the rate of increase in spending. 


That means everybody.  Not just the rich getting a lower tax rate but the so-called poor need to lose some of their perks and illegals need to be sent packing so the so-called poor can take those jobs.

Senior Contributor

Re: Like this?

  Hey, it's your party's show, the rest of us are just enjoying it. Suddenly the rewards that you're reaping aren't palatable, but you spent an awful lot of time and energy to get them.

  You folks spooned that stuff onto your own plates, and now you don't want to eat it. I'd say that's pretty ironic, but we all know it's just more of the same old crap.


  Like I wrote before, the biggest group of people that are collecting SS and Medicare is also the ones that should share in the sacrifices too, so if you advocate those cuts also, don't make the rest of us that were born in 1960 and after have to pay for it, and not receive the same benefits as the people that are the lump of the ones receiving the benefits. What's good for us, apparently isn't good for you. Cut away, but make it uniform across the board, and it takes effect immediately too.


Re: Like this?

Heh Heh


Yup Tom...It's like Momma's boy Rep. Ryan proposing (nothing actually) all of those high minded measures, but then building in a request for 20-30 years of grace in order to get better organized (Read: Get it so the proper beneficiaries can walk quietly out the back door, off with the bank).



Senior Contributor

Re: Like this?

  Considering that Ryan was the recipient of SS until he reached the age of 18(while combing his grandma's hair on a daily basis),and now he wants to cut that program. But as usual, it's just more kabuki theatre from the same bunch of people that somehow want everybody to take them serious on these issues, and they probably(and it's proven by their votes the last couple of days) would sing a different tune and dance a different shuffle, if it wasn't for the fact that they know it won't get past the Senate and a presidential veto.


  Trump-Bachmann in 2012!!!!!!! If they're are going to drive this country over a cliff, do it faster and get it over with!!!!!!!!!

Senior Advisor

Re: Like this?

Well I'll be. Two progressives who want to means test social security. Now this IS progess.