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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Breaking News....Koch Bros. are Pure Evil

no less of an authority than Rolling Stone Magazine has expoused them, and the Daily Kos has piled on in an effort to get out the vote (GOTV).


If you read the RS article, you will find out that the patriarch to the Koch Bros. empire did business with Russia during the 30's and so they are obviously communist facists, that there was an accident where an oil car incinerated two teenagers (murder! by the Kochs), and these evil basterds are spewing poisons into virtually every body of water in the world. Plus, they have spent to the tune of $200 million to try to get tea basterds into office all over the USA. I mean, you read the article and the blood just starts to boil and you want to grab the pitchforks, the rope, etc and go after these Frankensteins monsters.


Honestly, I wanted to grab some root beer and popcorn and find the movie version of the article, it was such a juvenile sendup. Not an intellectual hatchet job like the New Yorker did a decade or more ago, but one that gets down to a more gutteral level that the Daily Kos readers , etal, can understand.