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Re: Bruce- automatic earth

I couldn't picture Naomi Wolf going in to much depth on this, or that she would recognize what your snip says that she does  But when i open it I see that it is Naomi Lein and, for sure, she would. Wolf is a good writer also.  I can see how easy it was to get them crossed up.


FWIW lots and lots of liberals are as she describes on this.  About on the same level on practicallities as most movement conservatives are on the need for empathy in a society.


Everybody who knows some has a very real true sotry about what some "feet firmly planted in the air" borrowed information liberal beleives or says that he knows,  Such as the one a poster here told about his buddy this morning regarding the 

2 corn crops in a year bit,.


But being misinformed, naive or ignorant still pales when held up against being hateful and punative. 


Re: Bruce- automatic earth

Yeah, Klein. Sorry. One of them Naomis, anyway.


The precautionary principle would tend to weigh heavily towards the notion that giving up some growth and maybe having to do some (greatest generaltionish) collective action would be better than cooking the whole goose.


But no.