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Krugman running with it


Re: Krugman running with it

I certainly hope his lovely wife and 5 (also not inclined to military service) sons are glad that the death squads helped get them into the untouchable class..

Jim B. in Iowa
Senior Contributor

Re: Bruce called it months ago

@hardnox604008 wrote:

You're the guys who are pushing a warmongering chickenhawk fronting for the Bush neocon moles.



I'm writing in Ron Paul.



Stay classy ' mean 'nox.  (I get you two third graders confused lately)

Veteran Advisor

Re: PS, just checked Fact Check on the immigration topic

There were two "comprehensive immigration reform" acts introduced in 2010 and 2011.  Apparently neither made it through.  Also, the president doesn't introduce bills before congress.

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Bruce called it months ago

 Not cool, Mr. President   --    You have got to be kidding.  Obama went all over him like lava.  Obviously you didn't watch both men followed with a lot of wishful thinking.  Obama is cooler than Clint Eastwood and can freeze water at will.



Not cool, Mr. President. Why not answer why you failed to get an immigration bill offered up, why not explain why you failed to call terrorism, terrorism, etc etc        -         Why should an election debate be filled with rubbish like that.  If that is what you base you selection on, you are a poor thinker.  Next thing you will want Obama to declare his shoe size ----------  like, if it matters.


But didn't you just roll on the floor with laughter when Obama floored him about how big the super accounts were.  Naaaaaaaaah probably not.  You only have eyes for Rommel.