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Senior Advisor

Re: Bruce said he wasn't serious

Turdy s Rainwater crowd has IN in a pretty big mess. At least we have a fairly robust large hospital presence so won’t overload as fast as some.

Rainwater was the anti-masker Libertarian who got a pretty good chunk of the Gov vote.

IN has never been good but it has avoided being ND via some modest interventions.

Masks interfere with Turdy’s lacrimal ducts and he can’t cry himself to sleep over the embryos.

bruce MN

Conservative principle...private industry, Churches, local control

Lost in the politicization of COVID are the spectacular efforts of companies, Congregations, non-profits, neighborhood groups etc. in food distribution, sheltering, assisting schools with extremely complicated education scenarios....


Senior Advisor

Re: Conservative principle...private industry, Churches, local control

Yeah Bruce. It's a crisis. Time to call in the brown shirts. Thankfully the sheriffs refuse to wear them.