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bruce MN

Re: Denninger

Fairly much exactly.


The Truman-hogs thing. Karl does.


Been spending a considerable amount of time thinking of Dylan Rattigan since this surfaced.  And Wendell Berry. And Jim Hightower. And Barbara Eihrenreich Yeah, and the full body of work of your new buddy, Jim Kunstler.


These contrarians Who have been each zeroed In on the downside of constructed hyper-financialization and rammed up our butts neoliberalism from their diverse points of view.


Maybe they should drag Bill Clinton, Newt, Phil Gramm and Bob Dole out and put them on a panel and have them explain it all.  Call it the MIlton Freidman-Margaret Thatcher forum.

bruce MN

Re: Buchanan on Tariffs

Crazy.  The Administration probably shouldn’t have laid out the Special Investigator’s charge the way they did.