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Buchanan tackles the obvious questions

ok, sounds like most of us agree on the need for border security.....well, still have one fruitloop that wants to give a better life to the less fortunate, as long as his social security, military pension, and postal pensions keep coming, and he doesn't have to pay for it...but moving on....


China fair trade...erasing the $400 billion deficit....why on earth would any country give that much money each year to a rival? Trump is doing the right thing, and should rachet up his actions to get the job done...balanced trade.


Trump's relationship with Russia is a big positive...we should help them against Afghan rebels and elsewhere in the world where our interest coincide, and have Russia as an ally against an increasingly powerful China. I know the anti-Christian crowd here hates a country like Russia but they can go worship their idols somewhere else.


Trump is trying to protect America....his opposition has their own agendas. Figure it out.

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Re: Buchanan tackles the obvious questions

You have to look deeper into the Leftists/elitists endgame goals. 


They do not care about people.  They use people. 


They use people to gain total power over the people in order to control every person into making the ruling class even more powerful. 

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Re: Buchanan tackles the obvious questions

Hate to say it, but President T is too little too late, this country has moved to stage IV and half plus 3 million Hillary votes are still "smoking 3 packs of Marlboros a day" with no intention of quitting and demanding the other half the country pay their cig and chemo bill. Democrat politicians first baby stepping, now bounding towards communism is no surprise.  What is a little surprising is those on the pension dole, driving their motorhome to Disney World and defending it all on their  laptop, is a little surprising. 

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Re: Buchanan tackles the obvious questions

So, the last election, it was, “Help me, oh will someone help me!!!! I can’t pay my health insurance!!!”

And now it’s, “Help me, oh will someone help me!!!! I can’t pay my taxes!!!”

Here’s the worlds smallest violin, playing for you guys, the country whiners that take, take, take their welfare from the rest of America - but owe nothing back.

Whine, whine, whine. Year after year. Issue after issue. Get off the farm, and get it real job if you can’t afford your fun on the farm anymore.

Tick Tock....BONGx11!!!!!!!!!!!